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Health and Safety

Biology Annual Refresher and Induction Seminar (PDF 2.8MB)

Health and Safety at Work Act

April 2016

The new Health and Safety at Work Act has come into force. While these are the biggest health and safety reforms in 20 years it generally doesn’t mean big changes for our staff. However you should take the time to be aware of what it means for you.

UC has been preparing for the introductionof this for some time. The best way for you to find out how this may apply to you is to:

  1. Start with WorkSafe’s brief overview presentation (PDF slides). You may also wish to watch their video.
  2. Check if any of the updates in in UC’s H&S Toolkit apply to you. For example, does your daily work involve Hazard Management, Event Reporting and Investigation, or Contractor Management? Open and check the appropriate section.
  3. Training: there are a number of opportunities for H&S Representatives  and other staff to receive detailed updates through the training offered by the H&S team. The H&S team are also happy to attend team meetings upon request to support
  4. The H&S team have also been providing updates to all H&S committees and executive teams across the University.  They may be able to answer general questions.
  5. If you have any particular questions please feel free to contact Maura Minnock, Health and Safety Manager,  for specific advice or information: ext 93248

Health & Safety Information and Field Trip Forms

Essential reading and completion to ensure you are covered by the School.

Autoclaving Guidelines