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Overview: Research in the School of Biological Sciences

black robinThe School of Biological Sciences is a very active and vibrant research environment, and we earn over $3 million of external grant income per annum.

UC operates five field stations across the South Island that allow our students and researchers excellent access to a wide range of environments from marine to alpine. (See the Field Facilities Centre website for details). The School also conducts research around the globe with active projects in places as diverse as Antarctica, Tonga, Kenya, Panama and Nigeria.

fieldAs our research underpins our teaching, we present our research interests in the same streams as our undergraduate teaching. And as there is overlap and collaboration between different areas of biology, many of our staff are listed in multiple streams.

We welcome contact from potential students, collaborators and anyone interested in our research, so feel free to contact any member of staff directly. View full staff listing. lab

Biological Sciences research in UC SPARK website

Detailed information about the research of individuals, research groups, projects and disciplines is contained within the SPARK research database.


Three broad discipline areas cover biological research at UC
  • fibrilBiotechnology
    The application of biological understanding to provide products that benefit society and support sustainable economic development.

  • alpine ExperimentBiodiversity
    Defining, sustaining and rehabilitating the diversity of life contained in New Zealand’s natural and managed ecosystems.

  • soilBiosecurity/Biosafety
    Protecting our native biota from threats imposed by invasive organisms; understanding the potential impacts of genetic technologies on our environment.

Research streams