Professor Juliet Gerrard - People - Biological Sciences - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Professor Juliet Gerrard


Adjunct Professor

  • Professor, School of Biological Sciences and School of Chemical Sciences, University of Auckland
  • Industry and Outreach Fellow, Callaghan Innovation
  • Principal Investigator, MacDiarmid
  • Associate Investigator, Maurice Wilkins Centre

Juliet is a Principal Investigator in the Biomolecular Interaction Centre and a Professor in the School of Biological Sciences and School of Chemical Sciences. Her research is interdisciplinary, cutting across biochemistry, chemistry, health, agricultural and food science and biomaterial design. It focuses on proteins and how they assemble.

Fields of Research

  • Structure, function and application of proteins
  • Harnessing protein science for NZ industry
  • Protein aggregation and assembly, especially in the context of food and nanomaterials

Key Methodologies

  • Protein purification and characterization
  • Structural biology
  • Connecting with other disciplines and applications

Contact Details


tel: +64 27 808 0746