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Dr. Sharyn Goldstien

Marine Ecology and Evolution Lecturer

Phone: 03-364-2987 Ext. 45646

Sharyn was recently appointed a lecturer position in the School of Biological Sciences. Described below is some of her research from her previous post-doctorate position.

Using molecular techniques she aims to investigate the spread of the invasive tunicate Styela clava throughout New Zealand.

It is generally understood that ship hulls and ballast water are major vectors of alien marine organisms. What turns an alien species into an invasive species is more difficult to ascertain and involves many aspects of biological and ecological research. One aspect of such research is to determine the influence of dispersal through local hydrographic conditions and local shipping.

She aims to identify source populations and investigate the extent and importance of larval dispersal and/or shipping pathways of S. clava throughout New Zealand. To this end she will be applying population genetic techniques and analyses as well teaming up with modelers and oceanographers.

Information regarding invasive species can be obtained from:

PhD Research

  • Her PhD study focused on the phylogeographic structure of a common intertidal limpet (Cellana spp.). Mitochondrial genes were first used to determine the phylogenetic relationship of New Zealand species with the sister taxa of the Indo-Pacific and Australia.
  • Intraspecific analyses were then conducted to examine the concordance of phylogeographic structure among three of the New Zealand species widely distributed throughout New Zealand and the SubAntarctic islands.

MERG Publications

  • Sharyn J. Goldstien, Neil J. Gemmell, David R. Schiel. 2006. Phylogenetics and Biogeography of the Nacellid limpets of New Zealand (Mollusca: Patellogastropoda). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 38: 261-265.
  • Sharyn J. Goldstien, Neil J. Gemmell, David R. Schiel. 2006. Comparative phylogeography of coastal limpets across a marine disjunction in New Zealand. Molecular Ecology 15: 3259-3268.
  • Judit Vörös, Anthony Mitchell, Sharyn J. Goldstien, Bruce Waldman, Neil J. Gemmell. 2006. Crossing the Tasman Sea: Inferring the introduction histroy of Litoria aurea and Litoria raniformis (Anura: Hylidae) from Australia into New Zealand. Submitted to Austral Ecology.
  • Bruce C. Robertson, Tammy E. Steeves, Katherine P. McBride, Sharyn J. Goldstien, Murray J. Williams & Neil J. Gemmell. 2006. Phylogeography of the New Zealand blue duck (Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos): implications for translocation and species recovery. Submitted to Conservation Genetics.
  • Sharyn J. Goldstien, Neil J. Gemmell, David R. Schiel. 2006. (In review) Investigating Chance Dispersal as a Mechanism of Colonization of the Chatham Islands by intertidal organisms. For submission to Journal of Biogeography.
  • Sharyn J. Goldstien, Neil J. Gemmell, David R. Schiel. 2006.(In preparation) Phylogeography and Dispersal: Have Sea Surface Currents Structured New Zealand Limpet Populations? For submission to Marine Biology.