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Freshwater Ecology Research Group

Freshwaters of New Zealand

Edited by Jon Harding, Paul Mosley, Charles Pearson, & Brian Sorrell.

Download the whole book (PDF_48MB)


Cover and table of contents (PDF_3.3MB)

Chapter 1. Advances in freshwater sciences and management (PDF_3.7MB)

Chapter 2. Atmospheric circulation and precipitation (PDF_2.9MB)

Chapter 3. Evaporation and transpiration (PDF_1.6MB)

Chapter 4. Soil water, runoff and streamflow generation (PDF_1.4MB)

Chapter 5. Seasonal snow and water (PDF_680KB)

Chapter 6. Glaciers - perennial snow and ice (PDF_1.9MB)

Chapter 7. Flow regimes (PDF_2MB)

Chapter 8. Rivers and the riverscape (PDF_4.1MB)

Chapter 9. Catchments, streamflow and the use of models (PDF_1.7MB)

Chapter 10. Floods and low flows (PDF_2.2MB)

Chapter 11. Water quality and chemistry in running waters (PDF_2.6MB)

Chapter 12. Stream sediment load and organic matter (PDF_3MB)

Chapter 13. Stream communities and ecosystem processes (PDF_2.6MB)

Chapter 14. Aquatic and riparian vegetation of rivers and streams (PDF_3.5MB)

Chapter 15. Periphyton (PDF_4.5MB)

Chapter 16. Stream invertebrates (PDF_3.1MB)

Chapter 17. Fish communities in rivers and streams (PDF_3.7MB)

Chapter 18. River bird communities (PDF_3.9MB)

Chapter 19. Geomorphology and hydrology of lakes (PDF_2.5MB)

Chapter 20. Hydrology of wetlands (PDF_3MB)

Chapter 21. Physical and chemical characteristics of lake water (PDF_3MB)

Chapter 22. Primary production in the open water (PDF_2.5MB)

Chapter 23. Food web in lakes (PDF_2.3MB)

Chapter 24. Littoral algal and macrophyte communities (PDF_2.4MB)

Chapter 25. Littoral invertebrate and fish communities (PDF_2.4MB)

Chapter 26. Bird communities of lakes and wetlands (PDF_2.1MB)

Chapter 27. Aquatic invaders and pest species in lakes (PDF_2.4MB)

Chapter 28. Wetland ecosystems (PDF_2.5MB)

Chapter 29. Groundwater systems (PDF_2.8MB)

Chapter 30. Biota of cold-water and geothermal springs (PDF_2.7MB)

Chapter 31. Karst systems (PDF_3.6MB)

Chapter 32. Hyporheic zones (PDF_2.9MB)

Chapter 33. Impact of forestry (PDF_2.9MB)

Chapter 34. Impacts of agricultural land use (PDF_3.2MB)

Chapter 35. Impacts of urbanisation on streams (PDF_2.8MB)

Chapter 36. Impact of mining (PDF_1.9MB)

Chapter 37. Impacts of hydro-dams, irrigation schemes and river control works (PDF_2.9MB)

Chapter 38. River restoration (PDF_3.6MB)

Chapter 39. Lake restoration (PDF_3MB)

Chapter 40. Wetland management and restoration (PDF_2.1MB)

Chapter 41. Sport fishery management (PDF_2.6MB)

Chapter 42. Values and uses of water (PDF_1.9MB)

Chapter 43. Analysis of instream values (PDF_3.1MB)

Chapter 44. Management and conservation of natural waters (PDF_3.2MB)

Chapter 45. Managing water-related risks (PDF_3.1MB)

Chapter 46. Water and human health (PDF_2.3MB)

Glossary, subject index, geographical index (PDF_3.6MB)