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Freshwater Ecology Research Group

Photos courtesy of Professor Angus McIntosh

The Freshwater Ecology Research Group (FERG) is a large research group within the School of Biological Sciences, consisting of Professor Angus McIntosh, Professor Jon Harding, and Emeritus Professor Mike Winterbourn, plus numerous post-doctoral research fellows, graduate students and technical support personnel.

FERG research is primarily field-based, and covers a broad array of applied and theoretical ecological topics including the natural history of New Zealand’s freshwater biota, the influence of land-use change, acid mine drainage, ecosystem size and disturbance on stream communities, and biogeochemistry and nutrient cycling.


CAREX in the news! (19 May 2016)

Check out the front page of the Ashburton Courier today, there is an article on the CAREX community planting day that was held in the weekend down in Hinds.

Also in the news this week, Country Life on RadioNZ will be airing a piece about the collaboration between CAREX, the DOC-Fonterra Living Water project and ESR at one of our CAREX sites near Lincoln. Listen in on Friday 9-10 PM and Saturday 7-8 AM or via the RadioNZ Country Life webpage along with a gallery of CAREX photos.

CAREX community planting day (16 May 2016)

The CAREX team held a community planting day at one of their sites down in Hinds on the weekend. More than 700 Carex were planted along the waterway. There were also displays of freshwater fish and invertebrates and activities that were enjoyed by children and adults alike. A special thank you to everyone that was involved!

Brandon's photo makes front cover of a journal! (11 May 2016)

Brandon Goeller, PhD student and a member of the CAREX team, has recently published a paper in the Journal of Environmental Quality and his photography graces the front cover of the journal! The cover photo (featured below) is of a digger building a bioreactor at one of the CAREX sites. For more information on what Brandon and the CAREX team are doing check out the website.

The latest from the CAREX team (5 May 2016)

Macrophyte trials, understanding E.coli and what do riparian zones look like?...check out that and more in the May CAREX newsletter on the CAREX website!