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Confocal Microscope Facility

About confocal microscopy

A confocal microscope detects the fluorescence emitted when the specimen is scanned by a laser. The result: high resolution images and the ability to directly observe dynamic processes in live cells. Cell components can be precisely localised, and accurate three-dimensional information is easily obtained. The behaviour and interactions of molecules can be studied. More....

The microscope

Our inverted Leica TCS SP5 confocal microscope is equipped with a full range of lasers from 405nm to 633nm, as well as incubation and heating/cooling chambers.

Using the microscope

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Location & contact

Microscopy Suite, R124 Admin Wing
School of Biological Sciences
University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Manfred Ingerfeld
Tel: (03) 364 2791

Funded by

School of Biological Sciences, UC
Crop & Food Research
Biomolecular Interactions Centre (BIC), UC