Biological Sciences - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Top Ranked Biological Sciences

UC's School of Biological Sciences is the best in the country*, according to the most Laura and Janerecent government evaluation (Performance Based research Fund 2013), which is a measure of the research performance of staff.

Our teaching staff are all research active** and very passionate. Dynamic teams are leading research in a wide range of biological disciplines, from understanding nutrient flows and food webs across terrestrial-freshwater-marine ecosystems to investigating the amazingly good eyesight of jumping spiders.

Our state of the art research building is packed full of equipment to help us measure, manipulate, visualize and quantify the living world around us.

In one lab our analytical ultra-centrifuge allows us to study biomolecules and their interactions, with the team aiming to develop treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

In another lab our confocal laser scanning microscope uses flourescent markers, bound to chemical in live cells, to understand how cells grow and communicate.

Amongst our staff are some of the brightest minds in biology, including 3 Rutherford Discovery Fellows.

Our great teachers have been recognised for their outstanding quality, with 11 of our staff having university teaching awards of which 4 have also been honoured with National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards.

UC gives you a high quality, research lead, education in the broad discipline of Biological Sciences.

Be prepared for your future.

* Quality score of Schools of Biological Science: Canterbury = 6.2; Auckland = 4.8; Massey = 4.6; Lincoln = 4.6
** All UC Biological Sciences staff are active researchers. UC has the highest proportion of research active staff in the country (UC = 93%, Victoria = 82%, Auckland = 77%, Otago = 74%).