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Undergraduate Students

Scholarships and Prizes

There are a range of scholarships available, they are worth investigating by all students as they all have different criteria for selecting the recipient. You do not have to be at the top of the class to have a chance of success.

Course and Degree Planning

  • Course Information for biology and biochemistry

  • Undergraduate Handbook (PDF 4.4 MB) containDisections information on the courses and degrees offered by the School and a guide to planning your degree.

  • Course Advice information on our streams in biology and also topics such as Biosecurity, Forensics and Marine Biology and how to plan your degree.

Contact a Person

General email enquiries can be sent to:biology@canterbury.ac.nz or contact one of ourMicrobiology UndergraduateSupervisors:

Undergraduate Advisor

Matthew Turnbull

Dr Pieter Pelser
Room Biology 530, Phone 369 5228 Internal 95228

Additional Contacts


  • Holding a FlaskAssignment Coversheet - this must be completed and attached to all biology and biochemistry assignments. Biology Assignment Coversheet (PDF 160KB) or collect one from the hand-in boxes by the School office.

  • Lecture/Lab material online - many course lecturers use the Learn website to share selected lecture and lab material with students. Others use the course folder on your desktop when you login to a university computers.

  • UC Academic Skills Centre - The ASC is here to unlock your potential at University by enhancing the range of skills needed to succeed in study at a tertiary level. They offer a range of free teaching services to help UC students at all levels acquire the specialised skills they need for academic success, from taking effective lecture notes to structuring a PhD thesis.