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(As at 30 November 2016):
This is an important message for any staff or students undertaking field work. PLEASE READ.

In response to the initiation of a new on-line monitoring system for field activities at UC, we need to upgrade our internal procedures for lodging Field Activity Plan forms. Given the recent earthquakes north of us, and the somewhat patchy coverage of our information at the time, now is a good time to be considering this carefully.

The procedure from this week onwards will be:

1. Prepare your Field Activity Plan form (see above), and associated risk assessment, as per normal procedure. All off-campus field work requires this. If you do not know what is involved, discuss this with your supervisor, field technician and/or colleagues. It is quite appropriate to share knowledge/forms within groups, as long as field workers understand the risks of their work and are familiar with what they are agreeing to.

2.       NEW – email an electronic (Word) copy of the form to BOTH your supervisor (or field technician if your supervisor is away) AND to

3.       NEW - we will NO LONGER require or accept hard copies of the forms.

4.       Nicki/Penny will retain the file and use the data on the form to enter the appropriate information into the on-line monitoring system.

5.       Enter the name of the approving staff member on the form, but there is no need to have an actual signature of the approver - in the absence of any indication to the contrary (i.e. a message to bioladmin from a supervisor stating there is a problem), we will assume that the field activity is APPROVED by the supervisor or field technician to whom the form has been copied. We are doing this to ensure that the information is lodged and entered into the on-line system in an efficient manner – so it is critical that field workers discuss their plans with their supervisor/technician so that there are no surprises.

6.       If you do not actually undertake the field activity (e.g. because of bad weather, sickness etc.) please send a CANCELLATION message to bioladmin.

7.       If you modify your field plan (timing, location etc.), then please submit a revised form.

The new system will allow key staff to access information on line and make decisions should a critical circumstance arise, but only if the information on your activities is entered and accurate. The Field Activity Plan form (and risk assessment) is easily editable once created, so getting this accurate in real-time should not be difficult!

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