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Welcome to Biochemistry @ UCMolecule

Biochemistry brings together a number of branches of science with a view to studying and understanding the chemistry of life. Such a unique and privileged position at the interface of the traditional sciences makes for a truly dynamic and exciting discipline. It provides basic insight into biological processes such as enzyme action, drug action, genetic engineering, photosynthesis and colour vision. Some knowledge of biochemistry is essential for any student majoring in the biological sciences and many areas of chemistry.

Staff from the University of Canterbury Department of Chemistry and School of Biological Sciences bring a unique blend of skills and expertise to Biochemistry at our institution. The result is an exciting undergraduate curriculum and a vibrant research environment.

In the accompanying pages you will find information to assist you in your choice of courses and also information on the people behind the discipline. Please also take the time to have a look at the exciting research projects and opportunities that are offered by Biochemistry at Canterbury. We welcome you to Biochemistry at UC and we look forward to assisting your during your time with us.