Charity network will grow with increased promotion

10 June 2014 A group of University of Canterbury students are keen to make Cantabrians fitter, not fatter, by helping a charity organisation. (read article)

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Changes to the curriculum – themes, courses and skill-development

Our commitment to you is “At the School of Biological Sciences, we train modern, multi-disciplinary biologists, because you never know where you will go!” With this in mind we are making some improvements to our curriculum to meet your needs.

Two PhD Scholarships

The Freshwater Ecology Group is offering two fully-funded PhD studentships in freshwater ecology. The first in solutions for in-stream nutrient management in waterway restoration and the second in flow-related controls on stream food webs. Full details here: Freshwater Ecology


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‘I want to use my knowledge and skills to help protect Earth's biota...’

Joshua Thia Studying towards an MSc in Evolutionary Biology
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Nigerian forest research featured

Find out more about the history of the Biological Sciences' Nigerian Montane Forest Project by listening to an interview of Assoc. Prof. Hazel Chapman by Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand. Listen here via the RadioNZ website.

Bring back the moa?

Moa researcher Prof Richard Holdaway shares what it would take to return the giant birds from extinction on TVNZ's Breakfast show.

Infectious research in Antarctica

A team of researchers, including our Dr Arvind Varsani, funded by the National Science Foundation (USA) has reported finding a novel papillomavirus among the Adélie penguins on Ross Island. Read more about this work featured online in The Antarctic Sun.

Discovery through photography

UC botanists discover and name a new mistletoe species (read article).


Seminars are on Thursdays at 12.00 noon in Biological Sciences, Room 275 of the Biology Research building, unless otherwise specified.
Seminar calendar and abstracts. Everyone is welcome to attend.

31st July
Erskine Seminar

Title:Poly-Bivalency andDisordered Proteins in Ordering Macromolecular Assemblies: Insights from NMR Spectroscopy

Professor Elisar Barbar
Biochemistry & Biophysics, Oregon State University

7th August

Postgraduate Session

Title: TBA

14th August

Title: TBA
Dr Stinus Lindgreen, Postdoc, School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury

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